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On The Water...

Mike Cannizzaro's Sarasota Redfish "On The Fly"  
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    Most of the time, you'll be fishing in very shallow water, and the secret here is stealth. Any fish in short water is going to be nervous and a noise from the boat could send them into the next zip code. Ideally, these gamesters can be sight-fished, and that's what you're here for. From the poling platform, I'll be able to tell you where they are and what they're doing. "Redfish, 10 o'clock, about 30 yards and moving to the right". That's usually how it goes.


Catch and Release
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    On occasion, a fish will "wake" and show you the direction he's moving. On extremely low tides, a redfish will tell you his intentions by "tailing". Right here is where a good cast will mean the difference between a bulldog, drag-burning run, or a school of redfish exploding as they push off the flat.

    Snook and redfish can also be seen cruising or laid-up under the overhanging mangrove branches, and a big snook knows right where all the snags are as he tries to wrap you around them. And many times he does. It's just you and him.

    In late spring, early summer, tarpon begin to show up. They will be seen laid-up in places like Bull Bay, Turtle Bay and Pine Island Sound, probably resting up from a long journey from more southern locations and waiting for their runs out off the beaches.

    Some of the best tarpon fishing in the world takes place right off our beaches in Southwest Florida. They move in schools, sometimes large schools, usually less than a mile from shore. As they move, they'll roll on the surface and gulp air before going back down. Once positioned and within casting distance, a live bait, a fly or other artificial lure can be laid out in front of them. A strike can be very subtle for such a giant, but you do feel the weight of this massive creature. And, when he feels the sting, it's reward time. He'll immediately head for the sky, rattlin' gills and shaking his head. Then he'll head for Mexico. 

Charlotte Harbor Tarpon Fishing
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Snook Fishing in Sarasota
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Fishing for Redfish near Bull Bay
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