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Frequently Asked Questions...


Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are recommended. You don't want to arrive only to find that there are no openings. Try to book as far ahead as possible to ensure availability. A 50% deposit will hold your reservation. If I have to cancel your trip due to foul weather, and we can't reschedule, I'll send your deposit back to you. For reservation info see Rates and info.


Trips are subject to a 30 day cancellation policy. If cancelled with at least 30 days notice, your deposit will be refunded. If you need to cancel within 30 days, we can reschedule your trip. If we can't reschedule, I will try to rebook the day and refund your deposit. However, if I can't rebook the day, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Where do we meet?

It's best to make meeting arrangements the day before the trip. I trailer the boat and try to put in close to where we'll be fishing.  Less running, more fishing. If you'll be arriving late the night before we fish, or if you need to make arrangements before you leave, just let me know. Either way, the directions are easy. 

What do I need to bring?

Everything you'll need for your trip is provided, including your fishing licenses. All you'll need to bring is food and drinks (which you can transfer into my cooler), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (polarized if possible) and rain gear if you have it. If you have a favorite rod and reel, you're welcome to bring it along. 

What type of boat do you have? 

I run a Key West Stealth shallow draft flats boat, 17' 6" in length, 8' beam. It's capable of fishing the shallow flats, bays and inshore Gulf of Mexico comfortably. It will fish up to 3 anglers and handle a moderate chop well. (I would recommend only 1 or 2 anglers when fly fishing or fishing the shallow flats) Click here for a photo. 

Best time of the year to fish? 

We're lucky.  Here in southwest Florida, we have a year-round fishery for redfish, snook, trout and other species in the bays. Tarpon are here for a few months in summer and inshore species like cobia, tripletail and bonito are usually here in spring and fall. If you like to catch redfish, they form into large schools in August and September, in preparation for their spawn. For more specific info on trip options, click here.

Tarpon aside, one of my favorite times of the year is fall, when the air and water temperatures begin to drop. It usually starts in October and goes into December, or when the major cold fronts move down. The drop in water temperature tells these fish to feed up for the winter months, and they do. All fishing is usually good in fall, but action on the flats can be hot. It's the best time of the year for a grand slam, that's redfish, snook and trout on the same trip.  

Why do you use artificial baits and flies instead of live bait?

It's the challenge, especially with flies, in getting the fish to take an imitation. It's also more sporting. Truth is, they catch fish. You can also cover a larger amount of water with artificials than you can with live bait. Granted, you'll have good days and bad days with either. And, there are times when live bait is essential. Live baits are used, along with flies and fakes, for tarpon and also in winter, when the water temperatures can be low enough that it takes a live shrimp, or at least a piece of one, to get the fish going. For more info, click here.

Do I have to fly fish?

No, but it's an option if you'd like to. If you haven't before and would like to try, just let me know (I'll probably ask anyway). Trout, ladyfish and jacks are a great way to break into saltwater fly fishing. Click here for more info on trip selection.


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